The path of start a business, falling, growing and ... believing again!

In this first entry to my blog, I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself, to you who still do not know me and today you read me, I welcome you! Today I want us to meet from the human side, close, and writing from where everything goes well ... From the heart!

I'm Laura Feliz! Young entrepreneur, proud Dominican in Spain, dreamy, creative and the face behind Bouquette by Laura Féliz. International Wedding Planner, destination wedding specialist, and passionate about the world of protocol, etiquette and event organization.

I hope that from this first post you can find in my lines inspiration, motivation for your personal development, knowledge that will help you to develop in your day to day, ideas and trends for your events. Reviews from the experience of this server in travel, restaurants, and lifestyle. A community where you can get rich, and feel accompanied and identified through each entry.

101% Mom

I also take the opportunity to tell you what the most important role in my life is: being the mother of a great 4-year-old boy, named Enzo, who is the engine of my days, and for whom every morning I wake up determined to give and be The best version of me. Thanks to whom I have learned to enjoy a chaotically beautiful life, and through whom life has taught me the meaning of the word: Balance.

Tireless entrepreneur

As a child I had something very clear: I wanted to be my own "Boss", to feel that I had created and made "Something" grow, and that "Something" looked prosperous, successful and beautiful in each of my dreams. I imagined directing projects, I played to be the owner of a beauty salon, a restaurant, to direct an artistic group, traveling continuously to make events on the beach (now I understand the current interest in destination weddings, and tourism) in Anyway, since then my head never stopped creating ideas to negotiate and undertake. I always saw the pretty and fanciful side of this facet; Even in the falls, I have always had the firm determination to see this dream come true.

When I say a tireless entrepreneur, I mean it, after a spa, an ice cream shop, an event agency, and the occasional invention, some with relative success, and total failure in others, in each of these attempts I have seen strengths develop , as I have also seen evidenced weaknesses to improve. I have acquired the most valuable experience, I have grown at every step as a human being, and as a professional. You never finish learning, and although it sounds cruel, failures are what we LEARN MORE, this is the inevitable and more true.

I have discovered that to understand life you have to look at it in retrospect. Each step we take in the short or long term serves as a compass to find the treasure of the map of our purpose in life.

Perhaps I still far from the formula of success, but I have decided to accept each day with humility and gratitude, with the total willingness to enjoy the processes, learn from them, love each day more what I do, since in the end I found a profession that allows me to fulfill one of my dreams: through each event see a unique and special project materialized for its hosts and for me. And at this stage I feel happy to share a little of my experience through this channel, from a new adventure, in a new country, in which I find myself enriching knowledge in order to continue providing my best.

I invite you to subscribe to the blog, and as of today, start this journey with me!

I Hope that from this first post you can find in my lines inspiration, motivation for your personal development, knowledge that will help you to develop in your day to day, ideas and trends for your events.

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